Capcom hints at New Fighter in SSFIV?

Okay, late last week and this weekend, Capcom has apparently been sending out some packages to game sites, which contained a blue boxing glove holding a rose. What could it mean? Well, the obvious and most ready answer is that it’s a hint that Dudley from SF3 (who both boxes and throws roses) will be revealed soon for Super Streetfighter IV. We’ve already known for months that SF3 alum will be a part of the final SSFIV roster, perhaps this week (which supposedly will have big reveals) will finally make the rumors fact.

Or then again, it may be all part of some weird hoax. Did Capcom really send the packages? Or maybe it means something else- maybe Capcom is releasing a boxing title this Valentine’s? Or someone there has a big crush on Jeff Gerstmann? Hmmm…

Anyway, that all said, I can’t wait to find out what the big reveals will be this week. We’ll just have to wait and see. Super Streetfighter IV is slated for a late April release on PS3 and Xbox360.


6 Responses to “Capcom hints at New Fighter in SSFIV?”

  1. 2 words Cash in

  2. how the hell am i not wrong, youre obviously so blinded by nostalgia to realise that they are squeasing every last penny out of you just for a couple of pathetic extras

  3. youre wrong

  4. Bob.


    You don’t like this game, that’s pretty clear. Leave people who like it alone.

    Capcom or Namco-Bandai, SF or Tekken- it’s all business, they’re all about selling their games. Otherwise, there would be no games at all.


    CHILL God damn it.

  5. fine if you like being ripped off

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