Super Streetfighter IV Catfight Trailer!

Juri, Chun-li and Cammy go at it.

The latest Super Streetfighter IV trailer has hit the web! The new spot doesn’t contain any in-game footage, instead showing off some wonderful stylized cinematics with new villainess Juri Han taking on both Chun-li and Cammy. Bits of this scene have appeared in bits in previous trailers, but now we get it in full, and it’s quite awesome. Certainly it’s a wonderful bit of action animation- if the Juri anime was anything like this trailer, it would be awesome.

Anyway, supposedly another SSFIV trailer should hit very soon, and next week’s update on Capcom’s Dev Blog will have a reportedly ‘Must See’ update. Hmmm… intriguing! For now though, enjoy the flying feet and fists of SSFIV’s hotties! The game hits in late April on both PS3 and Xbox360.


2 Responses to “Super Streetfighter IV Catfight Trailer!”

  1. I wish the tekken devs would get their fingers out of their arses and actually make some dlc . lazy sods

  2. I don’t care for street fighter, but all this focus on whatserface Juri reminds me of the Lars obsession in Tekken. Aiyaiyai…

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