Wardrobe Warriors

Hey Ryu, Asuka wants her hakamas back.

Here’s a titillating glimpse at several of the alternate outfits from the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV, care of the Taiwan Gameshow. Sadly though, many are kinda meh, or stuff on fighters I don’t care a whiff about. Chun-Li’s new alt is just seven shades of dull, but Cammy’s Bison getup is admittedly hot, while MechaZangief AKA Colossus is cool. Seeing karate boy Ryu in hakamas is pretty unusual and perhaps the last thing I’d think he’d wear, once upon a time. Too bad we can’t get a good look at what Juri’s alt really is, though it looks to be a casual outfit overall- white top, black pants. Man, I was wishing for a cheongsam. Heheh.

Anyway, as I posted earlier, we may be getting more news about SSFIV very soon, so just keep tight. For a larger look at the pic above, go on over to Game Watch’s page here.


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