Super Streetfighter IV Update

Four more to go… revealed soon?

Once again, a bit of hype is building after a bit of a lull. Capcom’s Super Streetfighter IV already has a set release date (April 28), but there’s still a lot of stuff not yet fully-revealed… such as the complete roster. As posted about before, there are still apparently four more faces to fill up the final lineup of combatants. The prevailing rumor is, as anyone following the game’s development should know, that the remaining fighters consist of alum from Streetfighter III- namely ninja girl Ibuki, karate girl Makoto and gentleman boxer Dudley and one totally brand-new fighter named Hakan (reportedly an Arabian grappler-type character).

Well, word from NeoGaf and the Taipei Gameshow (where Yoshinoro Ono himself is promoting the game) is that the reveal of the final additions will be in this week’s or next week’s issue of Famitsu Japan. If this is so, surely the internet will once again explode in hype for SSFIV. I just want to stop worrying already about whether my SF3 cuties are in the game or not, dammit. Anyway, we should find out very soon.

Funny thing, btw… ever since Tekken 6 came out on consoles, apparently the Timezone arcades here in Manila have switched in Streetfighter IV cabinets in place of T6. They’re attracting crowds, of course, but with no customizations for players to keep coming back for to upgrade and the simple fact that SFIV is available for PS3 and Xbox360 anyway, I wonder how long the appeal will be? Well, I guess it’s something new.

Anyway, more as I get it. SSFIV is out in Asia in April 27, whoopie!


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