The Last Airbender Trailer

The Adventures of Aang THE Avatar, in live action!

Let me say this, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the most freakin’ awesome animated series ever and one of my all-time absolute favorites. The live-action adapation of the original Nicktoon classic by M. Night Shyamalan fills me both with excitement and apprehension. But what the heck- for me, the series has already been told in the best way possible, via 60 episodes of awesome.

Still you have to appreciate the apparent faithfulness to detail, including the presence of Aang’s giant flying bison companion, Appa (whom you’ll have to search for in his teeny-tiny appearance in the trailer). Apart from the kid who plays Aang, I haven’t seen any of the main cast yet- I hope they all live up to their larger-than-life roles. From the scenes in the trailer I can surmise that it is indeed going to adapt the whole first season of the cartoon- Book of Water- which goes from one end of the world and Aang’s first meeting with the Water Tribe’s Katara and Sokka, to the other and a massive siege battle and finale. Should be pretty action-packed.

If M. Night manages to slip in the Cabbage Man I’ll be pleased. Heh.

This film hits in July- for now, enjoy the trailer!


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