Pigs Vs Wolves!?

Oh, PopCap Games, what have you started? The relatively young genre of Tower Defense is now pretty crowded, and now there are emerging upstarts in the head-to-head, chessboard-like TD layout made popular in the mega-popular Plants Vs Zombies.

Just debuted on the appstore for the iPhone and iPod Touch is Pigs Vs Wolves, a pretty obvious but quite attractive PvZ wannabee. What sets this one apart from other clones is the clean, cute and eye-catching art style and some cool-looking character designs for both sides of the struggle.

Anyway, I bought it and played it a bit… yep. It’s nowhere near as deep or as nuanced as PvZ. It’s very limited in the options for your defenses, and even the simple size of the battlefield limits the game. Also disappointing were the animations- pretty stiff and unappealing. Anyway it’s not horrible- but I think it’s slightly less appealing than the other PvZ clone, Dictator Defense. If you’re really itching for another sidescrolling TD game in lieu of PopCap’s title, perhaps you may give this a try. But well, after playing it, I’d much rather play something like Defender Chronicles instead. So… back to waiting for PvZ then…


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