Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki Issue 2 Cover Art

It’s an SF3 Babe Reunion care of artist Omar Dogan.

The first issue of UDON’s Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki mini-series isn’t out yet, but this early you can have a gander at the artworks for the sophomore issue’s cover.

The ‘Cover A’ artwork by interior artist Omar Dogan, features not just Ibuki but her classmate/rival Makoto, who’s looking angrier each time she appears (really, that girl is going to burst a blood vessel or something if she doesn’t relax or something) and another female fighter from Streetfighter 3, Elena the Capeoira-using African princess. The ‘Cover B’ artwork, by guest cover artist Judy Jong, features a more whimsical ninja girl solo with a bunch of woodland friends.

The comic, which will debut in March, features Ibuki’s adventures both in her ninja training and in her encounters on-campus with other martial arts girls. In between attacks by Geki Assassins and sparring with a over-energetic karate master, will Ibuki make it alive to recess?

Man, I can’t wait for this. Hopefully by the time the first issue hits we’ll finally have Capcom’s confirmation of Ibuki and Makoto in Super Streetfighter IV… crossing fingers.

Ibuki and her woodland friends from guest cover artist Judy Jong.


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