Return to Ostagar, Returned!

If you’re still playing Dragon Age: Origins, you’ll be glad to know that you can wring an extra hour or so of play with the Return to Ostagar DLC adventure once again. The DLC episode, which was taken down from the Xboxlive Marketplace shortly after it appeared the first time some weeks ago, has finally been re-upped and is now working perfectly.

RTO lets players revisit the scene of the Grey Wardens’ and Ferelden’s greatest defeat and a veritable murder scene. Ostagar is where the Darkspawn horde massacred the army of King Cailan, your mentor Duncan among the many lost on the field. Now you can go back and mop the floor with the monsters still squatting on the ruins, and recover valuable artifacts such as Cailan’s armor and sword.

The episode is pretty brief, with about three stages, and enemies mostly consisting of Darkspawn. Depending on your characters’ levels, it can take about an hour or less to finish up the DLC, as it’s pretty straightforward. The challenge isn’t that hard, while goodies and loot are pretty good, although you may be underwhelmed by some of the stuff- though some tricks can upgrade the stuff to more impressive levels. It’s better to go after this adventure early on in your quest, so you can perhaps use the equipment found.

Dragon Age fans would do well to get this little bit- it’s a nice little extra and loose end which I think is enjoyable for those who really get into the story. At just 400 MS points, it’s cheap and quick but sweet.


2 Responses to “Return to Ostagar, Returned!”

  1. just a question, like ME2 with the cerberus network is this free but you have to have like a cerberus thing when you buy it

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