10 Thoughts I Have About the iPad

That’s one freakin’ huge iPod Touch.

Wallpapers and movies on the thing should look freakin’ awesome.

If you get one, better invest in one heck of a nice case.

Snatcher Magnet.

Playing Plants VS Zombies on it, or any RTS, should be sweet.

Why no camera? Largest Viewscreen Ever Otherwise…

How hot can that thing get with heavy use?

I hope the speakers are proportionally better and louder to complement the size.

The keyboard dock is damn awesome.

I’m not sold on it, and I already have a damn iPhone already. But I’m sure I’ll be drooling nevertheless if I see this thing in person a few months from now.


One Response to “10 Thoughts I Have About the iPad”

  1. I think I agree… But reading books on that thing? I’m sorry, but I’d rather read the traditional way. And carrying that around? I’ve only got two words for you; theft and damage.

    It looks pretty cool, if I had the spare five hundred bucks I’d buy it, this just goes to show Apple Inc.’s hierarchy over technology.

    Well I just had my rant of the day, have fun. šŸ™‚

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