SSFIV Anime Trailer in English

Here’s the recently-released trailer for the Xbox360-exclusive anime feature, now dubbed nicely in english. The audio was grabbed from the US version available on Xboxlive, so now we can figure out what’s going on with the new anti-heroine on the block, Juri Han. The voice acting is fine, I think- hearing Juri say more than “I’LL HAVE MY REVEEEENGE!!!” is pretty cool.

Looks to be pretty cut-and-dried to me; Juri makes her debut in another evil scheme cooked up by S.I.N. head honcho, Seth, along the way kidnapping the Shadaloo Dolls and seriously messing with the Interpol SF-ers. Will Juri be evil through and through, or will the kidnapped girl from years ago somehow show up and redeem herself? Nah…
Anyway, we’ll see in a few months when this anime pops up as we get our Super Streetfighter IV in late April.


2 Responses to “SSFIV Anime Trailer in English”

  1. Looks OK. Saw some clips of SF Alpha cartoon. That looked really awesome. This seems to have magical fires coming out of everyone’s legs and stuff, but i’d probably still watch it. So, the new character is Tira from Soul Calibur?

    • It’s Streetfighter. Fireballs and odd pyrokinetic effects are par for the course. ^_^ The first SFIV anime, Ties that Bind, was decent, though a lot of people hated it. This seems to be a lot more action-packed and darker, and focuses a lot on Juri, the taekwondo fighter and S.I.N’s new assassin and hot babe.

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