Super Streetfighter IV: GONZO Anime, Collector’s Edition and Release Date

This is for that horrible live-action movie.

Nope, Capcom hasn’t revealed the last few remaining fighters for Super Streetfighter IV. However, they showed off a pretty chunky update today on the Developer’s Blog and Official SSFIV site.

There are a couple of New Trailers online- the first is a redone and slicker spot showing off Juri, T-Hawk, Deejay, Cody, Adon and Guy. Nice stuff, but a lot of it has been seen before save for some cool new stylized cinematics showing a battle between Juri and Chun-li.

Big, hulking Guile getting bullied by a tiny wisp of a girl?

The cooler new trailer is for a new anime feature that will be exclusively packed in with the Japanese Xbox360 version of the game, courtesy of the world-renowned GONZO Animation studio. The anime will star Juri Han, the new Taekwondo villainess and agent of S.I.N.
It’s been mentioned many times before that Juri, despite being a bad girl, is the main character in the SSFIV storyline, so she’ll be at the center of it all in this OAV. She’s apparently carrying out another sinister scheme for Seth which involves more kidnapped martial artists as well as The Shadaloo Dolls. As usual, good guys Chun-li, Cammy and Guile are on the case, and they’re going to have a nasty fight on their hands with the Feng Shui-powered dominatrix. It’s possible that there’s more to Juri than simply being some invincible evil uber-babe, and revelations about her past may impact on what happens in the end. In any case, the anime looks to have tons of action and high-kicking hotties… which is always a great thing.
Apparently the trailer for the Juri anime is already up on Xboxlive in ENGLISH, so a US release of this is likely as well, to be packed in with the game.

Juri, Chun-li, Cammy AND the Dolls… this anime won’t be short on babes.

Finally, there’s news of a Collector’s Edition, which apparently includes an artbook, soundtrack and anime DVD. All cheeky stuff, but it’s still a bit of a wait- apparently this all comes on both PS3 and Xbox360 on April 27 for the US, while Japan gets their fighting fix a day later on April 28.

Well, fight fans, this looks to be the Big Event for Beat ‘Em Ups this year so far. Mark down those calendars. There should be more SSFIV news in the weeks ahead (we’re gonna have to wait a bit more for new characters…), so all we can do is just enjoy these new trailers and info for now and keep chugging along. Sigh…


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