Dragon Age: Endings and Beginnings

As right as rain, I called it correctly and was able to finish off the main quest in Bioware’s RPG epic, Dragon Age: Origins, over the weekend. I did it with my male human noble rogue, twice- each with a slightly different take on the resolution of a certain character but both making sure my adventurer lives to quest again another day. I certainly am looking forward to the sequel/expansion, Dragon Age Awakening this March.

For now though my questing isn’t over in Ferelden even- right afterwards I started off another human noble rogue, this time female, with my eyes on the throne (heheh). I’ll also start off quests for elven and dwarven characters as well. It would be safe to say I’ll still be playing this weeks and weeks still from now. It’s really been a while since I’ve played an RPG I’ve been driven to actually finish, and then want to replay again and again and again, just to see the various aspects and sides to the story. Games like this don’t happen all the time… I’m gonna play this to the bloody hilt. Later then!


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