“Zombie, SMASH!!!”

Defend the shack in hand-to-screen combat.

Man, I’m beginning to post a more and more about games on the iPhone. Soon I may have to change my blog name to The Phone Gamer. Nah. Anyway, can you really blame me? iPhone games have of late gone beyond the borders of simple tower defense or puzzle games to really console-competitive titles. The US and Euro territories already have gotten a release of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (which is still not out in Asia, goddamit Rockstar), and there was the recent release of Assassins Creed II. The iPhone has shooters, fighting games, RTS titles and more, and it’s almost certain that more and more developers are going to want a piece of the Apple Pie. That can all only get more feverish once the game-friendly Apple Tablet is revealed next week.

Anyway, one thing that is not lacking in iPhone games are zombie titles. You have a gaggle of Resident Evil titles (which I am not too happy with, anyway) Call of Duty WAW Zombies and more that let you splatter undead brains all over the place. The latest title is the one above, Zombie Smash, from Game Doctors. It’s another defense game where you, the quarry of the unrelenting zombie hordes, have inexplicable access to all manners of defenses and powers including wrecking balls, mines, sniper rifles and even just the killer powers of your pointy-finger to sadistically smash, fling, shoot, explode and SMASH the brain-hungering hordes to oblivion.
This, of course, is not new- there have been other titles in this vein- Knights Onrush and Castle Frenzy at least. But well, this kinda appeals to me thanks to some pretty nice art (very reminiscent of another game I am awaiting for, Plants vs Zombies), ragdoll animations and some cool options like the ability to queue the zombies you want to grind up. Even though I have two finger-defense titles already, I’ll probably pick this one up when it comes out supposedly in February.

Hopefully though, even before then I’ll be playing PvZ on my 3Gs which SHOULD be out sometime within the next several days. Fingers crossed…


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