Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition brings Excellance

Designer dress and shoes, $10,000. Kicking zombie ass in style, priceless.

Kotaku just posted a bunch of screens from the upcoming upgrade/expansion to Resident Evil 5, the beefy Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. Not only do you get extended adventures showing off the behind-the-scenes action with Jill Valentine and Josh Stone, you also get a new playable character in the Mercenaries minigame- namely Tricell’s cold-blooded beauty of a CEO, Excella Gionne. Let everyone else fight in unsightly combat gear or tacky costumes- Excella shops for her splatter outfits only at Rodeo Drive. Also being shown are the individual character-specific attacks for the characters, including Stone’s elbow drop on the hapless Majini.

Anyway, I really think a real boss fight or a more prolonged hands-on confrontation with Excella was missing in RE5 (no, fighting her transformed into a big tentacle blob doesn’t count), so now you can see her in down-and-dirty action. Maybe it will be worth getting the Gold Edition just to see Excella chomped down by a Reaper? Anyway, this is out in a couple of months.


One Response to “Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition brings Excellance”

  1. that’s a very good game
    with a good story

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