Trying out Tekken 6 Online CO-OP

Last night I was able to tear myself away from Ferelden for a bit, to fire up the ol’ PS3 and install the latest update and the Co-op patch for Tekken 6. As posted about last week, the long-promised patch brings online co-op playability to Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign mode, letting you and someone else take your favorite Tekken 6 fighters and take on waves of enemies outside the regular one-on-one arena.

Once you update your system and game, it’s off into the Scenario Campaign mode. Since I was the guest of another player’s session, I wasn’t able to choose the parameters- I assume that the host chose the dificulty level and stages. Anyway, once the connection syncs, you choose your fighter (yes, you have all your customizations and added properties/abilities) and are off.

Even though my connection isn’t the best and has a bit of lag, Scenario Campaign isn’t really about spot-on combo timing and just basically using effective moves and lots of lows over and over… very button-masher friendly, so a little lag time didn’t matter much. Enemies seem easier and rewards in the form of item drops are heavy, but the End Stage Bosses seem to have longer life bars than the single player game. Nice thing- the co-op levels show off different enemies and bosses in some of the stages. In the Mokujin stage I found myself facing off with an odd combination of sumo wrestlers and Christie-like dancers, complete with gaudy feathers. We ended the session facing off with the tag-team of Marduk and King.

So far the Tekken 6 Co-op patch is fine, and it’s a nice way of just having some mindless button-mashing fun with a friend if you’re not in the mood for the regular one-on-one style of fighting. It certainly makes this fighting package that much more complete, so download and install the patch already, go online and start playing.


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