Tekken Live-action Movie Trailer (The REAL One)

FINALLY, no fan-made spot or Rick Roll bullshit. This is THE actual trailer to the upcoming live-action Tekken movie. What can I say?

Well, overall the spot isn’t that well put together (maybe this is a preliminary trailer?), too many fast fade in cuts, too much cheezy text rambling about some ‘People’s Choice’ champion fighting with ‘Rage’ (Rage Mode!!!) or whatever nonsense.

It’s good that several of the characters look like their in-game counterparts, though we’ve known this for some time- Eddy, Nina, Anna, Raven, Dragunov and Law look the parts. Jon Foo as Jin Kazama certainly has the main character vibe right. Christie is freakin’ hot and while her ethnicity isn’t as per the game (seemingly), at least her costume’s down pat. And Yoshimitsu… interesting.

Of course not there are your changes- a mustachioed Kazuya? Bryan Fury reminds me of Kano with his apparent Aussie accent. Then there’s Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa‘s Heihachi… no horn hair, but what the heck… it’s Shang Tsung! Who else can play an oriental mastermind than Mr. Tagawa?

Looks like the story is nowhere near close to the game, going about it’s own way with only some basic elements (Jin’s revenge story, the Tournament itself), but we all know adapting the convoluted mess of the game’s plotlines is not really feasible.

In short… well. This can go either way. It looks like the setting will be pretty monochrome throughout- dark, metallic Thunderdome-meets-Running Man-meets- Game of Death; probably due to budget constraints, but then, having a fight set in Thailand would make it too similar to other fight game movies. I just hope they just stay consistent in the look.

As for the action… well, it looks okay, but we’ll just have to see full fights (at least there’s a babe fight in there with Nina and Christie) to judge.

Anyway, that all said… as a Tekken fan, I wanna watch this. I’m have to see this. I don’t have high hopes- I just wanna see Tekken characters kick ass and Tekken babes look hot. That’s all. This is due out in March in Japan and hopefully in other territories soon as well. More as I get it.


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