Return to Ostagar DLC now Live!

If you’re one of the many, many gamers who regularly vacationed in Ferelden care of Dragon Age: Origins, you’ll be glad to know that the third and slightly delayed DLC pack, Return to Ostagar, is now available on Xboxlive for the small price of 400 Microsoft points.

The Battle of Ostagar is one of the most memorable moments in Dragon Age: Origins, and it will surely haunt the hero for many years to come. It was here that the Darkspawn, with no little help from a treacherous lout, laid waste to the army of King Cailan and the Order of the Grey Wardens. Your own mentor, Duncan, was lost in this bloody field of slaughter. With Return to Ostagar you can return to this infamous crime scene to get some much-anticipated payback.

I’ll be getting this juicy side-story add-on as soon as I can- been playing quite a bit of DA recently, and this should be icing on a bloody cake. No word yet on when Return to Ostagar will be available on PSN, but it should be along shortly.

UPDATE: Apparently the RTO DLC on XboxLive is currently down, pending some bug fixes. Well, all we can do is keep checking it, should be fixed soon.


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