Next Dead or Alive Playstation 3-bound?

Kotaku just posted a chunky rumor from the latest issue of Official Playstation Magazine– supposedly the next installment of Tecmo’s Dead or Alive fighting game franchise is going to appear on the PS3, despite the title’s long-standing relationship with Microsoft’s Xbox. In this day and age where game producers wanna make more bucks, I’d say it’s pretty likely that DOA5, if it comes out, will indeed see a multi-platform release (hey, it happened for Tekken).

In any case, I look forward to seeing Kasumi and company in proper action soon. Perhaps the impending release of DOA Paradise for the PSP is a good sign that indeed, this solid fighting game series (now freed from the shackles of having to follow Itagaki’s whims) can start fresh. More as we get it. You can read the original article from Kotaku here.


One Response to “Next Dead or Alive Playstation 3-bound?”

  1. Killerapple29 Says:

    this is great tekken 6 doa 5 now release virtua fighter 5 r on ps3 and 360 and my 3d fighting dreams are set

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