New SSFIV Ultra Combos Trailer!

More ways to clobber someone’s arse in Super Streetfighter IV.

More and more info and goodies about Capcom’s latest fighting upgrade are leaking through the cracks. Gametrailers just posted the short but slamming vid above showing off some of the new Ultra Combos that the fighters will be sporting in SSFIV. You can select from one of two Ultras similar to how it was in Streetfighter III.

Capcom also just showed off the latest build of the game at the Las Vegas CES SSFIV Fight Club… you can watch the a TON of SSFIV action on UStream videos here), complete with the real character select screen with still four slots waiting to be filled (not the bogus one on Famitsu, I say) by the 3rd Strike returnees.
Anyway, check out the high-powered Ultra beatdowns. You can also get the trailer in HD here. Super Streetfighter IV is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 this Spring 2010.


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