New Super Streetfighter IV Trailer!

Two hot and deadly babes, one awesome new rivalry!

Gametrailers just posted a brand-spankin’ new trailer for Capcom’s upcoming fighting sequel. The latest Super Streetfighter IV spot shows off the new features revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu, which includes new alternate outfits (all characters can now switch between three different costumes), new rival battles and new, selectable Ultras!

What can I say? The new alternate outfits are hit and miss- Cammy’s Bison cosplay is odd but slick, while Chun’s new kung fu costume is boring and ugly as hell. Zangief as Colossus is great, though. I can’t wait to see the rest of the new outfits- it’s still a far cry from the customizations in titles like SCIV, Tekken 6 or VF5, but it’s a start.

As for the Rival Battles, I love interaction between fighters, so this is cool as school. Looking forward to the fur fly between Chun-li and Juri, who seem to be new rivals this time around, judging from that cool cinematic shown at the tail end of the trailer- I wish it was done in the same style as Chun’s fight scene with Viper though in SFIV, but seeing Juri scrap with Chun while hanging from the rafters was pretty damn awesome.

The new Ultras look suitably flashy and tons more brutal… they’re approaching EX-style Final Fantasy Summon campiness though. But hey… whatever works.

Every new update makes me even more excited for this much-needed update. Still no sign of the last batch of additional fighters, but well, they’re saving it I guess. So far the new trailer is a big tease that’s sure to get fight fans all excited again but still yearning for the next big reveals. For now, check out the trailer in HD and SD over here. Or, you can just check out the Youtube upload below.

New costumes, rivals, ultras… oh, my!


3 Responses to “New Super Streetfighter IV Trailer!”

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