CVG Previews Super Streetfighter IV, Latest Famitsu shows New Alts, Ultras

Super butt-kicking due in April?

Euro-gaming site Computer and Videogames just posted a hefty preview of the upcoming pseudo sequel to last year’s Streetfighter IV. According to the article, the game’s current and latest build is well-nigh finished, with ALL the characters in (including the as yet unrevealed but supposedly already-in returnees from Streetfighter III), though as yet Capcom is focusing only on the latest wave of new fighters, from TKD vixen Juri to Muay Thai bad boy Adon. There’s still a lot of tweaking, rebalancing and more tweaking before this game is released, in about three months.

Interesting read for anyone who’s into fighting games. Check it out here. I’m hoping that more and meatier updates will be forthcoming from the SSFIV developer blog very soon… it’s high time they revealed the final batch of newbies…

UPDATE: The latest Famitsu scan (1-6-2010) is out, and the 2-page spread on SSFIV shows off new Ultra attacks and some new alternate outfits for some fighters, but no trace yet of any new fighters. The wait continues…


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