Happy New Gaming Year!!!

It’s 2010 and another 12 months of playing, playing, blogging and waiting. And more playing. Last year was a pretty good year for games (though admittedly horrible for most everything else, sadly), thanks to the arrival of many awaited games, including of course Tekken 6 (which came to mixed reviews). Stuff like Dragon Age: Origins, Modern Warfare 2 and more filled out my gaming space, along with a gazillion games from the Apple Appstore.

But that’s all past and prologue.

The New Year beckons, with tons of awaited games coming. My particular tastes lead me to await several titles above everything else.

Super Streetfighter IV. Yeah, I pretty much hated the first 3D SF, but the boatload of new characters, including potentially some of my faves from Streetfighter 3 are set to rectify all my complaints. As fan-influenced as a fighter can get, this looks to be the thing to watch for fighting gamers in early 2010.

Mass Effect 2. Again, the first game in this series rubbed me off the wrong way with overlong elevator rides, boring side missions and a universe that just was too big and too overwhelming. The sequel promises to have better and more streamlined combat, character interactions and an epic story that’s described to be the Empire Strikes Back of this franchise. Sign me up!

Bioshock 2. The first one was awesome. The second… well, we’ll see. But it looks promising indeed, with more plasmids, more splicers, more intricate plots and you in the steel boots of a Big Daddy.

God of War III. Kratos’ bloodiest, most violent battle is yet to come, and he’s got Olympus in his sights. The demo vids so far shown have absolutely TITANIC action, and I know this is something no red-blooded gamer will want to miss.

Heavy Rain. It’s been hyped as something ‘more than just a game’. I think that’s all BS, but still, this game looks amazing and the story intriguing. If it turns out to be more than just a gorgeous 3D Dragon’s Lair full of QTE, I’ll be satisfied.

Final Fantasy XIII. Yeah, I have my reservations but so far this latest installment in the FF series looks great. And that isn’t just hot uber-heroine Lightning.

Biohazard 5: Alternate Edition. Yes, I actually loved RE5. But one of the complaints I have about it was… not enough JILL. Well, the add-on adventures will rectify my need for more Valentine. But I think I’ll pass on the DLC and wait for the disc with all the goodies.

Diablo III and Starcraft 2. If Blizzard’s finest make it out this year, it will be truly an awesome year for gaming. Cross your fingers, people!

There are gobs more games to come, and I can’t wait to see what surprises the new year will bring. For now, I can just keep my PSP and iPhone handy wherever I go and just hope for the best. Keep on Playing, People!


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