Yes, I’m an iCade Addict

2009 will probably mean to me as the year I really got hooked on portable gaming. I bought two PSPs (one got dropped on the floor and busted, had to be replaced eventually), which is a good sign that I really can’t do without Sony’s portable. However, the real revelation for me was the iPhone. Yeah, going in I already knew that Apple’s device was damn fun- one of the reasons I bought it was the AppStore and the promise of thousands of apps and games. However, I never really realized it would eventually become a console in its own right.

Some- well, many- may scoff. Yeah, tons of games are just one-shot throwaways, there are tone of blatant rip-offs of popular titles from other consoles, but even so… there are awesome titles available and tons of stuff that basically succeed in spades at doing what you want them to do- entertain you for a minute, two minutes, two hours. The sheer number of stuff available, readily purchasable at anytime at dirt-cheap prices (compared to regular console games) along with tons of free stuff and demos makes the iPhone truly an arcade- or, as I see it, an iCade. Here are just a few of the titles that kill time anytime…

Puzzle Quest. It’s Bejeweled meets RPGs. HOURS can disappear once you turn this on, so it’s great that the 3GS has much better battery life than before.

Modern Combat 2. Yep, this military-themed FPS from GameLoft apes the COD series, but it does so pretty excellently. Great controls and a true shooter feel makes this leagues better than the Resident Evil titles (which I regret getting…).

Alive 4 Ever. Another hilarious name which obviously emulates Left 4 Dead. You’ve got hordes of zombies, tons of firepower, spot-on controls, fluid animations and oodles of replay as you upgrade your guns, take on various missions and build your character as a total undead-killing badass.

Blades of Fury. Its Soulcalibur on the iPhone! Surprisingly, the game looks great, the controls are decent and there are lots of modes, unlockable characters and costumes, and an actual Story Mode.

Fast Lane Racing. First off, I HATE driving games. I played this title once… then I bought it. It’s awesome.

Pocket God. It’s impossible to not mention this hilarious, very original and unique title to the iPhone. Constantly updated and always entertaining in little bursts of playful sadism. GRAAAAHAHAHA!

Time Crisis Strike. It’s Time Crisis. Arcade action perfection.

Canabalt. Odd but strangely addictive running game. All you do is run and jump, and see how far you can go. The eerie sci-fi setting and black-and-gray-and-white graphics make this memorable.

Luxor. The gorgeous time-waster on desktops comes to the iPhone with wonderful touch controls. Throwing balls and sliding about was never this easy!

Cooking Mama. The iPhone’s touch controls make this port exceptionally delicious.

Man, too many games to mention. So now, even on the days I can’t be bothered to bring along my PSP, I’ll always have games in my pocket. And once Plants VS Zombies arrives in January… DAAAAMN! Ain’t technology grand?


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