About That Avatar Movie…

I was able to catch James Cameron’s Avatar just before Christmas. What do I think? Yes, the flick is indeed Dances with Wolves or Last Samurai in Space. However, it doesn’t do as strong a job making a case why hero Jake Sully (Sam Worthington, doing his most pronounced everyman performance).
In Wolves and Samurai, you saw what the hero found so appealing in the new home and people he would eventually become part of. In Avatar, all that I saw was the ability to run and jump in the body of a super-strong and apparently well-endowed Na’Vi, and the fact that he falls in love with alien princess Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). None of the Na’Vi aside from Neytiri are ever given personality or depth aside from the stereotype- the wise chief, the jealous head warrior, etc. What was sorely missing was seeing any of the other Na’Vi have personality, spunk or any aspect aside from being a blue mosh pit.

That said, the movie was two hours of pretty amazing special effects, CG animations and some wild action, particularly at the end. The world of Pandora is really spectacular, and the stuff of theme parks or videogames are made of. However, in all the movie isn’t worth the hype that built up leading up to it, nor did this movie really need to be titled ‘Avatar’, which really should have gone to the Nickelodeon cartoon-to-movie instead, dammit.

Perhaps if I got to watch the movie in 3D, I’d have been impressed more, but even so, I didn’t find myself needing to watch it again. Nice for flashy visuals and action, but that’s about it. The characters and story were forgettable, and Pandora, while a nice place to visit, is not a place I want to live in. Moving on…


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