The Lone Gamer’s Better-Late-Than-Never Tekken 6 Review

One final blow to end the year.

Okay, while I think it’s kinda obvious that I’m really, really excited for the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV, it goes without saying that right now, the game in my PS3 and not budging away from it anytime soon is still Tekken 6. The thing is, there’s not much news about Namco’s brawling sequel, and despite SD-Tekken’s saying that Namco-Bandai would support the game well after release, aside from the online patch there has been nothing much. That said, I guess I should end the year with my Final Word on this game which has been central to the blog for the past two and a half years or so.

Tekken 6
The arcade port of Namco-Bandai’s top-grossing arcade fighter, the console versions of Tekken 6 meshed in all the additions, tweaks and enhancements that first appeared in the arcade upgrade, Bloodline Rebellion. This meant two more fighters in addition to the four newcomers in Tekken 6.0, new moves and combos for everyone, tweaked gameplay balance, tons of new customizations and costumes, new stages and so forth.

The home versions added as well all-original stuff, such as the much-vaunted (and ultimately controversial) Scenario Campaign mode, which gave players a new way to play with the Tekken fighters outside of the usual one-on-one arena. Also added were the requisite home modes like Ghost Battle, Team Battle, Practice mode, Time Attack and so forth. Additional home extras included new costumes for several characters designed by well-known manga artists and some odds and ends.

In the end, how did the home version of Tekken 6 stack up?


BIGGEST and Best Roster Ever. 40++ fighters, each of whom is badass, sexy or awesome in their own ways, with their own deep fighting styles, combos, strengths, weaknesses and personality. You can surely find a favorite and run with him or her, and just go wild. The sheer variety of styles and the depth of play ensures you’ll be playing this game for years.

Graphically Gorgeous. There were issues about the home versions being at sub-HD resolutions. I’ll leave this to the Hardcore HD people out there, since my eyes don’t see the difference. Suffice to say, Tekken 6 looks gorgeous, with wonderfully detailed character models, and silky-smooth and hard-hitting animations that make the game so much fresher and newer than any other previous Tekken thanks to redone moves and animations aplenty. The blokes look bad-ass, the babes are hot as hell… what more can you ask for?

Sexy Customizations. I love all the new ways to pimp out your fighter, which really showcases how detailed and fully-skinned the character models are. Customizing the look of my fave fighter head to toe really gives the game so much more replay value than before; I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for the customizations, I probably wouldn’t be as hot into the game as I am.

Addictive and Rewarding Gameplay. The fighting in Tekken 6 is far more fluid and enjoyable to watch than ever before, in my opinion due to how clear everything is due to the detailed animations. It’s easy to play in the style you wish, and moves flow into the next smoother than ever before. This is easily the most playable Tekken, and the game just gets deeper and more fun the more you play.

Scenario Campaign. Yes, I’ll say it. I actually liked the Scenario Campaign. It’s Tekken Force, bigger and better than it has ever been. The story snippets in the game, as well as a more detailed and definitive story starring Lars and Alisa is probably the closest we’ll see to an actual Tekken anime or movie (I hope that it’s canon). But the base thing is, it’s great to just take your fave fighters and see them kick butt outside the usual ring and be the bad-asses they are Out There.

Kick-Ass Music. Yeah, I love the music. Some may disagree, but I really feel that the soundtrack is as Tekken-ish as it could be. Yeah, the Yodelling rocks as well.


A lot of Tekken 6’s endings made me feel like this.

Lots of Crappy Endings. While some are cool, some pretty funny, many of the CG Character Epilogues are too short and leave much to be desired (having nothing to do with the main plot, pointless humor) while several just stink (Leo, Zafina…). The best thing I can say is that overall the endings seem to hint about the next game, which I hope will not make us wait as long as this one did.

P1 and P2 Costume Fiasco. WHY can only one player use customizations? What the hell?

Offline Level Cap. Why can’t I go higher past First Dan offline? Records are separate for both Offline and Online play, so why was this done? It’s irritating and is just Namco-Bandai thumbing off at players to force them to play online.


Still Not Enough Fan Service. Why can’t the customization be like Soulcalibur IV…? Sigh…


As for Online Play, well, in the beginning let me say that online was HORRIBLE, but it has improved a lot after the patch. Still, I don’t really play online that much, but it’s adequate to good, so in the end things turned out well, thankfully.

If I were to score Tekken 6, I’d give it a 4 out of 5. The base game is still spectacular and the tons of content is impressive. The extras may please some and irritate some, but it still can’t take away from the awesomeness of the game itself.

In the end, I can say that despite quite a few nitpicks and minor flaws, Tekken 6 was all I was expecting, and that’s not at all bad. The graphics, animation, customizations and gameplay are a package worth the price of admission- everything else is waffle. It’s an awesome fighter which I will indeed be playing till the next Iron Fist Tournament, even when Super Streetfighter IV arrives. I just wish that Namco-Bandai doesn’t drop support for the game in the meantime. I still want that multiplayer co-op patch, and hopefully new customs, patches for the P1-P2 customs and so on to come in the months ahead.

Keep on playing, people!


3 Responses to “The Lone Gamer’s Better-Late-Than-Never Tekken 6 Review”

  1. correct at the start i was overwelmed , but later on i started to complain, graphicks wise its good the character models and arenas are awsome monion blur is nice as well but the lack of aa is so annoying i turn off the monion blur just to get less aa on the edges , animation drops are happening as well(remember the old times when you always had a solid 60 fps no matter what) the game should run in 1080 p, 4msaa and i would be happy we have the end of 2009 and those things should not happen.

    the roster 40 ch yeah great … but in my opinion the newcomers are rubbish, this is the worst showcase of all tekken series
    the only fighter that was worst in this category was sc4

    the gameplay is more offensive and aggresive , it is more about hitting mid or lows and playing the guess game and this is more annoying with reduced backdash. and the worst thing are the juggles in my opinion should be toned down(get hit with a move and you lose at least half of your bar- i liked in vf5 that after these moves you wont take a lot of energy at least 1/3) i dont complain about rage or bound couse bothe give some taktics and adrenaline a clever player will not allow his oponent to reach rage and stop the juggle and leave him for set up minf games

    i tottaly agree with the rest

    my fighting chart next gen only


  2. agree with john, after you have completed the Scenario Campaign there is absolutly no unlocks and ziltch secret characters so there is no incentive to keep playing, also instead of having all customization open from the start they could introduce a level system, the more XP you get the more items you unlock

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