SSFIV Character Select Screen Revealed!

Four to go…

Some screencaps from a recently-held Famitsu online show with Yoshinori Ono have revealed what appears to be Super Streetfighter IV‘s quite voluminous Character Select screen. As you can see, the roster still has several spots left to be filled, which are assumed to be for 3rd Strike returnees Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley. The fourth spot is supposedly for all-new fighter Hakan, the mysterious Arab grappler. It seems that we won’t be seeing any formal reveals from Capcom for the rest of the year though, but hopefully we’ll have more info and stuff from this upcoming brawler once the New Year rolls in.


8 Responses to “SSFIV Character Select Screen Revealed!”

  1. Unrelated from the article. I would just like to say that after getiing through the original exitement of Tekken 6 and looking and playing the previous tekkens i think that tekken 6 was a huge disappointment compared to the awsome TTT package and the T4 story mode, i think it is an abomination that they couldn’t rustle up some easter eggs like they did in TTT and some actually decent, story relevant endings, but the lame modern endings and the atrociously linear SC mode are a disappointment and sacrilage against the tekken name, in my books tekken 5 was the start of a downward spiral

  2. Well good thing I only play Tekken for the fighting aspect of it and now tacky easter eggs/extras and its mediocre endings. I take Tekken for what it really is, a 1 on 1 fighter. If you’re expecting something magnificent in terms of story or extra minigames you’re playing the wrong genre.

    • ive been playing tekken since the very start and had high hopes for it hoping it was going back like it used to be but no you get gimmicky endings that don’t go into depth at all and are a wrong attempt at humour and last all of 15 seconds

      • oh and by the way SolRahlX i wasn’t having a go at you personally so there is not need to take it to heart. jesus christ

  3. Now=not

  4. Anyway SSFIV is looking to be WELL WORTH a $40 price tag. There have been people complaining about there being only 4 extra stages being added… but come on… how many fighting games do you know with 23 completely different stages.

  5. I should probably post a Tekken 6 post-mortem article on my part. But suffice to say, the base game of Tekken 6 was awesome for me, and it got me back into the franchise. The graphics, animation and customizations were great, and make me look forward greatly to the next installment. The home version had many flaws, which were disappointing, but I do NOT share such bitterness as some people apparently do. It’s a great game regardless of the relatively unspectacular extras, or the weird design choices.

  6. As for SSFIV, the new characters are what’s getting me excited. Juri is awesome, and the return of 3rd Strikers is something I’ve been pining for since the first SFIV. Bring it on!

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