Super Streetfighter IV New Stages

Hot babe-on-babe action in Korea.

Capcom’s Seth Killian AKA S-Kill on Capcom Unity, just posted a bunch of cool pics showing off the new stages in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV. The picturesque locales of India, Africa, Korea, Metro City and a ruined S.I.N. lab will be the backdrop for many a spectacular brawl this coming Spring. For now, check out the pics which are nicely full of lots of sexy action and no irritating HUDs or super meters. Check out S-Kill’s SSFIV New Stages gallery here. Super Streetfighter IV is due out on PS3 and Xbox360 in Spring 2010.

Seth’s Lab (and Seth himself) has seen better days… BEAT HIS FREAKIN’ CHEAP ASS, GIRL!


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