Dead or Alive coming to the PSP

Soon you can have Kasumi in your pants wherever you go.

Yet another fighting game franchise is being ported to Sony’s portable, this time from Tecmo. Yep, the big-boobed-babes of Dead or Alive are headed to the PSP via Dead or Alive Paradise. Unfortunately for fight fans, Kasumi, Tina, Leifang and company won’t be catfighting again- apparently Paradise is a somewhat cut-down version of the franchise’s most recent Xtreme games, just sans the volleyball. So no brawling or volleyball, what’s left? Apparently your time on the new vacation spot with the DOA ladies will be taken up by the various minigames, gambling and relationship management aspects, and we assume as well tons of cutscenes showing off the bikini-clad babes frolicking in trees or rubbing each other with lotion. As far as we know, all the DOA babes plus Tecmo’s gambling mascot Rio will be available in the game.

This is not exactly that new, in any case- apparently Japanese mobile phones got the original version of this game back in 2006. Talk about hand-me-downs…

What can I say? More fan service on the PSP is always good, but it’s a bummer that after all this time we’re still not seeing a proper DOA fighter. I guess if you want that on your PSP, you can always load the classic PSX DOA on your homebrew-enhanced PSP, to complement all the cheesecake Paradise will bring. Anyway, this seems like a harmless little diversion, but it remains to be seen if this is worth making space for on the PSP. More as we get it. Read the original article over at N4G here.


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