More Kunais, SSFIV Dev Ramblings, Thrown

More teases from the SSFIV devs.

Okay, here’s another Kunai tease pic from the SSFIV Developer’s Blog, which just posted another loooong post where, among a lot of other things, Geki the Ninja from the original Street Fighter has been ruled out as the possible kunai-thrower. Apparently, he only throws shuriken, not kunai. So… well… Is Ibuki confirmed? Looks like it, but I’ll break out the champagne once I see official screenshots or art first. Heheh…

Sakura gets hit by the Kunai Assassin as well…

Anyway, the blog post this week is gosh-darned long, and mentions a ton of stuff about SSFIV, shows a few new pics (including one with a new Africa stage… nice!) and other stuff. Worth checking out the translated copy over at

Super Streetfighter IV is set for release on PS3 and Xbox360 in Spring 2010.


2 Responses to “More Kunais, SSFIV Dev Ramblings, Thrown”

  1. you must like Ibuki a lot lol. You like her because she’s sexy?

    • Ibuki’s been my fave character in SF3 since the first game. I just love ninja girls in general, and Ibuki’s my fave kunoichi of the lot. Cute, hot and deadly. What’s not to love?

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