Udon announces Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki

Streetfighter’s Ninja Girl finally gets the spotlight.

Okay, today just became an awesome day, thanks to this lovely bit of ninjarrific news. Udon Comics just announced the latest mini-series in their Streetfighter Legends line. Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki will be a 4-issue limited series starring of course the tremendously popular ninja girl from Streetfighter III. The story will be written by Jim Zubkavich while art will be by Omar Dogan (who also did the Ibuki mini-story in SSF2 Turbo).

The comics will be a treat for SF3 fans, as not only will it star Ibuki, it will also feature the monstrously popular karate kid Makoto as well. Ibuki and Makoto are rivals from SF3, and surely fans will relish the opportunity to finally find some more detail into their relationship. In contrast to the more serious storylines of past Udon SF comics, the Ibuki comic will apparently be more comedic- something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with Buffy as a super-cute ninja and vampires being other martial artists. Haha… Buffy.

Here’s the synopsis for the upcoming ninja comic.

All Ibuki wants is a normal Japanese high school experience, but her secret ninja life follows her everywhere she goes! With relentless ninja trainers, deadly Geki assassins, and a crazy karate girl named Makoto all on her case, she’ll be lucky if she even makes it to lunch hour in one piece! Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki is one part ninja action, one part high school antics, and 100% non-stop excitement!

For a lengthy and detailed article with the Udon team about the comic and all things Ibuki (including some cool preview pages) go on over to Comic Book Resources.

What can I say? I’m ecstatic, of course, as Ibuki and Makoto are my absolute faves in Streetfighter. This is also surely a cool precursor to the pair’s much-rumored debut in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV (well, Ibuki’s pretty much 99 percent confirmed at least). With a March 2010 roll-out for the comic AND SSFIV, we’ll be reading and playing with Ibuki and Makoto to our heart’s content at the same time… awesome.


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