iPlants VS Zombies

I’ve waited with great anticipation for quite a few games recently, and here’s another one I can’t wait to get. It’s Plants VS Zombies by Popcap Games. Yeah, it’s been out for about 6 months already… but it’s also coming on iPhone. Rabid iPhoner that I am, I am getting chills of pleasure thinking of the endless time-wasting fun I’ll be having, tending to my undead-buttkicking lawn with touchscreen controls, wherever I am.

From the looks of this preview, it seems that the port is coming along well, although I have to say I really hope there’s no downgrade in animation or slowdown when the action onscreen really gets hectic. In any case, this is a no-questions-asked buy when it comes out on the appstore this month.


4 Responses to “iPlants VS Zombies”

  1. Minty Dervish Says:

    Ohh I can’t wait. Getting an iPod Touch this x-mas and love the pc version :).

  2. im thinking about having an ipod touch, does that have a phone system and app system like the iphone does

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