SSFIV Screenshot Tease…

Here’s the fateful screenshot that has many fans, like myself, in a tizzy. As you can see, macho man Guy is using what’s been described as his ‘Saving Attack’ to deflect a missile. Scratch that, not just a missile… but a KUNAI. As in, a Ninja Throwing Knife. Now, WHO in the Streetfighterverse throws Kunai from the air? If this doesn’t pretty much scream at who the next fighter to be revealed for Super Streetfighter IV is, I don’t know what could.

Okay, if this actually turns out to be GEKI, I am going to go out and KILL someone. But that one-in-a-billion nasty prank aside, this is surely confirmation that Ibuki, the super-cute and deadly ninja schoolgirl from Streetfighter III, is going to be IN SSFIV. And if that’s so, chances are the two other SF3 fighters mentioned in the leaked list from months ago- awesome karate kid Makoto and gentleman boxer Dudley– will be in as well. Not sure though when they’ll actually reveal this, seeing as how the Alpha guys were just shown off, but I’m thinking very, very soon. If I get confirmation on my favorite babes from Third Strike this December, I’ll consider that a lovely Christmas Gift from Ono and Capcom. More on this as we get it.


One Response to “SSFIV Screenshot Tease…”

  1. i’d give anything to have rolento and doctrine dark, maybe even skullomania in ssf4

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