Tekken 6 Online Patch now Live!

If you haven’t already, go online with your copy of Tekken 6 console to download and install the spiffy new patch from Namco-Bandai. As previously posted about, the patch is supposed to improve online play, and so far… surprisingly it has! Word from forums is that gamers in Japan and Korea are raving about the improved play. I myself was able to play for quite a bit and I have to say, it’s a nice change to actually have some playable, mostly lag-free matches. I was able to fight matches from 4 to 1 bar connections, and all were far, far better than ever before (although most 1-bar matches are usually refused).

Anyway, this great stuff, and I look forward to actually playing more Tekken 6 online in the days, weeks, months and yes, years ahead. Kudos to Namco-Bandai for pushing through with this crucial after-release service, which may just give T6 a much-needed shot in the arm since the somewhat sluggish opening online performance. Hopefully more good stuff, like the Co-op patch and more will be forthcoming very soon.

Oh, and thanks to Ryuhza for helping me test out some long-distance Tekken 6 play. Good game, dude! Hahaha!


3 Responses to “Tekken 6 Online Patch now Live!”

  1. Ha, no problem man. I’m surprised red bars are about the same as yellow bars used to be.

    I hope they fix the rest of the stuff soon (No ranking offline above 1st dan???)

    • Yeah, the offline ranking cap is way suckage, especially since the offline and online ranks and records are totally separate anyway. That’s just one of the many other things they can fix, but at least the online patch is a start.

  2. Yes, and what a start indeed!

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