Tekken 6 Online Patch for Thanksgiving

Namco-Bandai today released further details about the forthcoming free downloadable update designed to improve the online game experience for players of Tekken 6 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The update is scheduled for release on November 26. The update is separate from the online co-op Scenario Campaign mode download which is scheduled for release separately this winter. Online gameplay enhancements in the update include the following:

Improved input response: improvement of the game’s responsiveness to button / command inputs;

Selectable search priorities for ranked matches: players will be able to set search priorities for opponents in ranked matches based on comparable rank or connection quality as well as location;

Optimized data transmission between fighters and spectators: fight data will be optimized in order to reduce the bandwidth load on the host’s console;

Signal strength bars: the signal strength bar will reflect connection quality more accurately;

Chance to cancel match: players will be able to cancel the match before it begins once the opponent’s signal strength has been displayed on ranked matches.

Hopefully this will remedy the so-far lackluster to really bad online performance of NB’s fighting game sequel. We’ll see later this week then.


4 Responses to “Tekken 6 Online Patch for Thanksgiving”

  1. armorkingplayer Says:

    Can’t wait

  2. Wolly gator Says:

    Hey TLG i have been doing some thinking about what could happen in the next tekken if it is a Cannon one not a non-cannon like tekken tag of course these are just my ideas and no one else has to agree with them so here it goes 1st i think it may be time for a character overhaul as what happend with tekken 3 so i think they may remove some of the characters that have been there since tekken 3 and replace them with New ones but keep ones who are to well liked to remove and keep people who have been introduced since T5&6 2nd i think its time to start bringing the Devil gene story to a close and start a new one again much like how tekken 3 started off the jin devil gene story prehaps set it a few years after t6 what do you think?

  3. I’m more inclined to believe that they’ll be keeping the roster as it is. I myself do NOT like big time jumps. I’d rather they continue to tell the ongoing story with the ongoing characters. As to what the focus will be, whether it’s the Devil Gene or whatever, as long as its told well the McGuffin that drives the narrative is really inconsequential.

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