Super Streetfighter IV: Three More Fighters Revealed!

As teased by last week’s entry on the SSFIV Developers’ Blog, this week’s Famitsu of Japan revealed the latest new challengers for the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV, and then some!
Somewhat foreshadowed by a pic of Chun-Li getting walloped by someone in an urban setting (Metro City, natch), the new fighters shown are Cody, Guy and Adon. Streetwise brawler Cody is still sporting his jailhouse stripes from Alpha 3 and is probably bringing his unorthodox tactics (and dirty weapons) into the mix. Meanwhile, Sagat’s rival and kickboxing ruffian Adon is still as nasty-looking as ever. Finally, Bushin-style ninjitsu master Guy still looks bad-ass and fierce in 3D form. You can check the Famitsu scans here and here.

Anyways, so far the leaked list of new challengers to SSFIV released months ago has proven to be accurate- so we may expect a few more additions to be announced later on. Perhaps as an early precursor to this, note the pic in the upper-right corner of Guy’s page, where we see him deflecting what appears to be a mid-air kunai…

Super Streetfighter IV is set for release in Spring 2010 on PS3 and Xbox360. More on this as we get it.


3 Responses to “Super Streetfighter IV: Three More Fighters Revealed!”

  1. cody looks as if he’s wearing a skin-tight bathing suit.. 😡

    as for the kunai, maybe its gonna be ibuki??

  2. first they confirmed That the other characters from Super Street Fighter 2 are returning (Dee Jay and T. Hawk) along with a new new character Juri, now they bringing back Cody AND Guy from the Final Fight and Street Fighter Alpha series Plus Adon also from Street Fighter Alpha series and the very first Street Fighter game. DAMN I wish i had a PS3!! good posts. keep it up!

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