Tekken 6 PSP: Sawed-off Iron Fist-Fighting

Youtuber NYCTekken was apparently lucky enough to score an early copy of Tekken 6 for the PSP, and he’s posted a ton of gameplay vids showing off the second portable Iron Fist Tournament chapter.

So far, what I can gather is that the game looks- well- impressive! Though early vids show otherwise, the PSP does indeed show off a DR-or-better level of graphical quality and apparently moves at a solid 60FPS, with all characters and moves from the console and arcade versions present and accounted for. However, as expected there are several shortcuts and cutbacks from making this an exact port. Here are but a few…

There is a 300++ MB Install, which goes well to make loading times faster than DR.

No Scenario Campaign mode. In it’s place is a new Story Mode, although it’s apparently still the same as the Arena in the console modes- Prologue illustrations, 4 matches, CG ending.

New Modes. PSP game sees the return of Story Mode (as mentioned above). A Challenge mode menu contains the following play modes- Survival, Time Attack and Gold Rush (the last one wherein every hit on your opponent nets you cash).

No more real-time character models in the Select screen, it’s back to using illustrations as with DR.

No slow-mo replays of the knockout at the end of a round. During victory animation screens, no music plays for some reason.

Customization Shortcuts. Not all the items and clothing made it in- customs for the PSP have been simplified, fusing arm items with upper garments and tops, while bottoms have been fused with leg and foot items. This has to be delved into more to see every little detail retained or lost, but suffice to say, if you loved customizations in the console versions, prepare to lower your standards.

Apparently the 3P extra outfits are NOT in the PSP game.

Practice mode is same as the console versions, but you always train on the same blank, polygon stage (no stage select).

Yes, Lars and Alisa have Story Mode endings. Unfortunately if you have the console versions, you’ve seen them. SPOILER WARNING! Lars’ ending is the SC Intro CG, while Alisa’s ending is her cutscene battle with the helicopter in SC as well- it’s just given a different spin (Alisa stays with Lars and becomes part of his new PMC, fighting the chopper in the course of her first mission). Well, at least they have all-new prologue art…

Well, it seems that Tekken 6 PSP isn’t an exact port- which we all knew going in anyway. But really, I have to say that the cutting back of options in the Character Customization really hurts this version for me- that’s where most of the fun and replay is! All things considered though, Tekken 6 PSP still looks great and is a no-brainer purchase for anyone who enjoyed DR on the portable. At the very least, it’s a great way to practice your combos and up your skills even if you’re far away from your console and HDTV. More on this as we get it then.


14 Responses to “Tekken 6 PSP: Sawed-off Iron Fist-Fighting”

  1. maybe you’d feel better about the game if you compared it to tekkenDR psp??
    Im still looking forward to having a portable Tekken6.. kinda sick of playin DR 😦

    • Nah, I’m sick of DR. I’ll probably get T6 PSP eventually, but it’s not a priority anymore. I’ve got a lot of games, not enough time to play these days anyway, so it’s okay to NOT play when I’m away from home…

  2. It looks shit

  3. when is it out in the uk

  4. im guessing the bgm doesnt play at the end is because in the console you could’nt hear what the chars where saying because the music was booming

  5. i have a muse to submit for tekken 7 and please reply instead of ignoring me like you always do
    1.Create a challenge mode (set yourself a challenge in say survival mode and get rewarded with xp if you complete it to level up and earn customisables)
    2. Tekken bingo , tekken air hockey
    3. Tournement mode
    4. Mission Mode where you can fight in a number of extreme battle conditions (eg sinking battlefield, stale mate were you heal for every hit you connect, dodge the lightning self explanatory)

  6. oh and another thing, better endings the ones in tekken 6 were totally shit

  7. ok bob stop your trolling. Anyway in the words of Berine Mac: “Nice. Real Nice”. Its time for me to stop play DR and get this.

  8. wolly gator Says:

    well its kind of obvious that psp tekken 6 would not be console quality why? well the psp was released in 2004 and the technology inside it would be quite dated by now and making top notch modern graphics Hard to make. plus the name Tekken 7 doesn’t sound right i have a felling it will have a sub-name rather than a number

  9. I told you so. This sux.

  10. At least Tekken 6 PSP has adequate single player modes compared to Soulcalibur BD, which didn’t even have a basic Story mode to begin with. But really, it’s pretty much I think established that T6 PSP is a ‘shortcut’ Tekken 6 experience- you want the real thing, invest in the console versions.

  11. just got my copy TODAY LOL!

  12. Happy New Year. to all of you guys.

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