Gamespot Tekken 6 PSP Preview

Gamespot just posted a preview of the upcoming Tekken 6 for the PSP, based on a build of the game that has the final feature set. The PSP version will have Arcade, Story, Challenge and Practice modes to keep players busy, along with Network Gameplay . Story mode will apparently have the bulk of stuff to be unlocked (and watchable via the Gallery). The PSP game will have some extra stages not available in the home versions, although it has been mentioned in IGN’s preview that not all the customizations may make it into the portable version. More on this as we get it- check out Gamespot’s preview here.

Well, what can I say? The PSP version is not as pretty as the console versions (but that’s to be expected) but this is a good upgrade from DR with all the new characters, moves and customizations added in. If you’ve got a PSP and a hankering for fighters, then this should be as much a no-brainer as the console versions were. The game is out in Japan this coming January 14, while a November 24 release for the US has recently been posted.


5 Responses to “Gamespot Tekken 6 PSP Preview”

  1. quite a few ignorant comments on the preview :-/
    looked pretty ok to me!!

  2. No offense to you but why do you keep on insisting that Tekken 6 has no US release date? It’s due out on November 24 in the U.S.

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