New Tekken 6 PSP Footage

Just found this cool vid from Youtube showing off a minute of Tekken 6 gameplay on the PSP. Just a minute, but quite a few things- Character Customization Interface, a DR-like Practice Mode (read: Better than the console games?) and a look at the new PSP-exclusive Gold Rush mode, which lets you earn tons of fight money without needing to go Scenario Campaigning. The PSP version is lookin’ good indeed.

Hang onto those PSPs, Tekken-heads.

It’s gonna be a Happy New Year for fighting game fans this January.

Tekken 6 arrives on the PSP for Japan this January 14.


5 Responses to “New Tekken 6 PSP Footage”

  1. Yessss!!!! I was hoping that they show the vs screen where the fighters were on their fighting stances

  2. graphics look bad

  3. worse than dr bad

  4. anybody wanna do spec ops in modern warfare 2 my gamertag is WartedAmdy faye

  5. Lol, look at Yoshimitsu in the 2nd vid.

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