IGN posts Tekken Movie Trailer Review

No, it’s not a review of the actual movie- just the trailer. Still, it beats no review of anything at all, plus the word seems pretty positive. I still can’t get over the apparent fact that a Tekken movie EXISTS yet is as yet still not generally out. It seems so low profile, like it’s an afterthought to the whole Tekken marketing blitz. Oh well… in any case, we all have to take into account that trailers are often better than the actual movie, but who knows- for some reason, I am feeling quite a bit of hope for the Iron Fist film. I’m definitely looking out for this fighting game adaptation. More as I get it. For the IGN trailer review, check here.


5 Responses to “IGN posts Tekken Movie Trailer Review”

  1. Christie and Jin is really weird. I wouldn’t be that surprised if it was Jin and Nina but what the hell does Christie have to do with Jin? I don’t like it.

  2. i always watch moview trailers on youtube, it is really fun to watch so many movie trailers at once .`:

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