Super Streetfighter IV Modes Detailed

The Bonus Round is back, cars all over the world tremble.

The upcoming Super Streetfighter IV looks to be a real fan service title so far. Aside from expected fan favorites making their 2.5D debut, Bonus Rounds have been confirmed to return. So SF fans who missed the ability to smash cars and falling barrels will probably be in a tizzy. Also revealed are some online modes- Endless Battle, Team Battle, Replay Channel and Tournament mode.
The SSFIV official Japanese site was also updated with a bunch of SFIV fighters’ bios, and a new bit on each fighter’s entry lets you hear a voice sample- Juri, the new Eeh-vil female TKD fighter, definitely sounds more provocative than the usual… I like. Heheh…

This new trailer shows off what modes players can expect in SSFIV.

You can check out a detailed report here at

Super Streetfighter IV is set for release on consoles in early 2010.


One Response to “Super Streetfighter IV Modes Detailed”

  1. I wish they had this for the PSP as well

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