Starting My Life in Ferelden

I started playing Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox360) last night. Scratch that- I played it this morning, at about 4 AM, after my usual nightly Tekken 6 play session. I started off the Human Noble campaign, playing as a dashing young nobleman- handsome, landed and blessed with a loving family and a castle full of men-at-arms and servants. Walked around, flirted with a comely Elven lady-in-waiting and even got her to spend the night in my room. Unfortunately it all soon went to hell as I woke up to find the castle invaded by treacherous enemies, most of the people slain or fled, and my family ravaged. My short origin done, I was now looking to the future, as a member of the mysterious Grey Wardens. Aside from finding this new path and taking on the impending invasion by a threat known as The Blight, I of course have revenge for my family on the mind, so I’ve got a lot of fighting, questing, dialogue-choosing and flirting to do.

So far my impressions- the game doesn’t look impressive- at least, not as nice as Oblivion did a few years ago. However, the RPG-vibe that came with Bioware games like KOTOR or even the older Baldur’s Gate games feels quite strong here, albeit this is more of an action game rather than the tactical RPG this game is on the PC thanks to the closer view. I don’t know how much time I’ll be able to devote to this, but I’ll give it a good right try.


2 Responses to “Starting My Life in Ferelden”

  1. combat looks awful

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