Tekken Movie: Poster and Premiere

Here’s a look at the poster for the live-action Tekken movie. Coming up on the tail end of the Tekken 6 marketing efforts, the film premieres today, Nov. 5, in Sta. Monica, CA. Luke Goss (Hellboy 2, Blade 2), who plays Steve Fox, will be present at this red carpet event along with some of the other actors.

I’m really not expecting much from this adaptation, given how burned I have been by fighting game-based flicks. Who knows, though… this may turn out to be entertaining. At least they seem to have made an effort to make the characters look like their in-game counterparts, as opposed to the horrid-looking King of Fighters movie that pretty much throws out all the character designs out the window. Still, if Lateef ‘Eddy Gordo’ Crowder himself apparently said to ‘not expect much’, how good can it be? Well, keep your expectations low so you don’t have too high a fall. I will definitely see this when I can, so I’ll leave this at that for now.


3 Responses to “Tekken Movie: Poster and Premiere”

  1. I’ll definitely watch this… i wonder when will this be shown on phillipines ^^

    • Seeing as how popular Tekken is in the Philippines, there’s a good chance this may see a theater release locally. The question indeed is, when, since it has only just been shown off to film distributors in the premiere. Hopefully they don’t take too long. Or let pirates beat them to release. ^__^

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