Penny Arcade’s Tekken 6 Comic Finished

Get into the mind of the world’s deadliest marsupials.

While we were all waiting for the release of Tekken 6, one of the more unusual bits of marketing for the game was the Roger-centric online comic from the makers of Penny Arcade. The art style was far more cartoony than you’d usually expect for the Iron Fist crew, and it didn’t help that the pages were few and far between. Well, it’s a bit late now but the whole thing’s done and the finished comic is a nice little footnote for Tekken fans, and the art has actually grown on me- this would have been even better as an animated short. I particularly like how they managed to slip in some of the other Tekken fighters (Nina is hot! Leo and Bob got their asses kicked by a Kangaroo!). It was brief but after all’s said, very much worth seeing. Good stuff! Check the whole comic out here.


5 Responses to “Penny Arcade’s Tekken 6 Comic Finished”

  1. er I think you posted the wrong link

  2. maybe we should do a muse about tekken 7, let me start off.
    Azazels soulstone was captured by kazuya and he began processing demons that were actually g-corperation members with the power of the soulstone therefore capturing the newly endowed hero of the world’s spirit jin kazama who had died while protecting the world from azazels wrath. bringing jin back to life and hell on earth.

    please do a muse about it TLG and reply back

  3. Kangaronin LOL

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