Just Desserts: The Lone Gamer’s Top 10 Best Tekken Endings

As important as cinematic intros are as a tradition in the Tekken series, even more vital to the enjoyment of fans are the CG Character Endings. Tekken may not have started the trend of giving players a visual resolution as a reward for their struggles, but it has since become synonymous with pre-rendered cutscene epilogues since the original home version of the first game. Every console part has provided these usually brief but engaging bits of storytelling (or non-story, as many turned out to be), with each chapter progressively getting better and more expressive with improvements in graphics and animation.
There are literally dozens of character endings that have made us laugh, cry and go “WTF??!” in the course of the franchise’s 15-year career, and here are my choice picks that go beyond the rest among the endings in Tekken.

The Top 10 Best Tekken Endings Why are they the best? Mainly because I just love seeing them over and over. Maybe it’s animation. Maybe it’s the storytelling. Or something else. Whatever the reason, these endings rule in my book.

10. Paul Phoenix (Tekken 4) The epilogues for the American Bad-ass are, admittedly, usually stupid. Punching a Wall? Punching a Rockslide? Getting a Speeding Ticket? What the heck? Thankfully Paul’s bad ending streak ended in Tekken 4, with a poignant and ultimately satisfying finale. After winning the T4 tournament, Paul sinks to a depraved life of debauchery and parties. But one night, a chance look inside Marshall Law’s dojo and a glimpse of his former glory awakens the fire within the old fighter, bringing the true road warrior back into the world. Too bad since then, his endings once again sucked…

9. Gun Jack (Tekken 3) At first seemingly one of the most disturbing endings ever, this showed an older Jane finally reunited with her beloved robot and then walking off together to a happy future… before being blown to atoms by a satellite death ray from Doctor Abel (easily one of the biggest SOBs in Tekken). However, upon unlocking the true end, we see Jack and Jane alive and well, protected by the upgraded robot’s force field. The sigh of relief felt at that moment made this truly one memorable and satisfying finale.

8. Ganryu (Tekken 5) Though he also has one of the WORST endings in the series, Ganryu’s epilogue in T5 is memorable, slickly animated and hilariously tragic. With a grand harbor set with bright city lights, it almost seems like a scene out of some classic romance movie- that is, until you see the half-naked fat guy wearing a bow tie. Of course, we all know where this rendezvous will lead… an expression of utter and absolute dismay on the sumo’s face, which is both hilariously and tragically priceless.

7. Kazuya Mishima (Tekken 2) This non-canon What If ending portrays what would have happened if somehow, Kazuya resisted the Devil and fought back. As Kaz turns his back on the seemingly defeated foe, the Devil rises up and launches a deadly attack- only to be thwarted by a surprising sacrifice by Heihachi. Kaz’s stunned reaction of his father’s altruism soon gives way to a sly smile, and one human shield later, Kazuya wins the day with a final punch and a satisfied smirk. Nicely action-packed, sadistically funny and strangely satisfying, and once again keeping consistent Kazuya’s anti-hero bent.

6. Nina Williams (Tekken 2) The love-hate relationship between the Williams’ sisters is by now about as taken for granted as anything else in the series… but way back then, this emotional and poignant scene between the two warring sisters summed up everything perfectly. The music, the animation and emotion (even for such early, relatively simple CG) was perfect and truly memorable. Oh, and Nina going for a gun under her skirt was cool too…

5. Jin Kazama (Tekken 3) The shocking canon resolution to the 3rd King of Iron Fist Tournament is pretty awesome- there’s some hard-hitting violence in the form of an execution via firing squad and a pretty brutal head shot, some much-deserved payback and of course, the introduction of Devil Jin. The horror movie lighting and music as well contribute to a truly memorable and epic finale.

4. Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken 3) The first ending for the petite debutante in T3 was striking in that it was done mostly in anime-style instead of the usual pre-rendered CG. Showing a victorious Ling claiming her prize from Heihachi- her very own amusement park. Of course, Tekken’s Dick Dastardly can’t resist giving the prize his own twisted spin, and it merits him a pretty heavy beating (Ling beats him up so much, I kinda felt sorry for him though). Amusing and truly unique.

3. Jin Kazama (Tekken 5) Short and simple but impactful, this canon ending to T5 showed the once-embattled fugitive hero now taking his place at the head of the Mishima Zaibatsu- something once unheard of given Jin’s hatred of his bloodline. The dark grandeur of the moment- complete with a sinister throne room lined by armies of Agent Smith-like followers, coupled with Jin’s sinister smirk at the end was a portent of things to come. Great and terrible things…

2. Asuka Kazama (Tekken 5) The first CG ending for the new holy maiden was a refreshing change from previous epilogues involving Jin and the Devil Gene, which are usually dark, depressing and brooding. Seen from the perspective of a brash and clueless newcomer in Asuka, this unusually light-hearted skit is a breath of fresh air, particularly for Tekken’s emo pretty boy who actually gets to do a bit of comedy. Aside from all that, the ending is of adequate length to tell the story, wonderfully animated and just so damn cute. Let’s just disregard that it also started the rash of Asuka X Jin shipping nonsense…

1. Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken 6) Yeah, this is probably the Best Ending yet seen in the series- the long, multi-staged finale to the Scenario Campaign mode in T6. No other ending is as long, detailed or emotional as the finale with these two got… hell, not bad for two newcomers to the series! One gets a dramatic death scene (kinda) while the other seems set as the next big protagonist of the series. THEN we get an intriguing epilogue that bodes lots of things for the next Tekken. Awesomeness! The events in Scenario Campaign are hopefully canon- if this is so, then I can’t wait to see what happens next in the Iron Fist Tournament.


6 Responses to “Just Desserts: The Lone Gamer’s Top 10 Best Tekken Endings”

  1. michael (ultimate fan) Says:

    hey buddy, how can you forget tekken 3 jin ending and nina war between sisters ending from tekken3. one ending shows flashbacks and a slap two the face of anna and another one shows jin knocking heihachi’s head through the wall and fly into the mist of the moon light. would you be kind to edit the top ten list and what would be cool is if you could post the video for each ending. just for newcomers to the series reading your fan site blogs, thankyou

    • “5. Jin Kazama (Tekken 3) The shocking canon resolution to the 3rd King of Iron Fist Tournament is pretty awesome- there’s some hard-hitting violence in the form of an execution via firing squad and a pretty brutal head shot, some much-deserved payback and of course, the introduction of Devil Jin. The horror movie lighting and music as well contribute to a truly memorable and epic finale.”

      Is that what you call forgetting?

  2. How do you unlock Alisa and Lars in the Arena?

  3. Mitch Bucanon Says:

    I uploaded a compilation of my favorite Tekken 5 endings, you can watch it here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckq4Ti-T6zg&fmt=22

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