Trick or Treat!

Lili says, “Boo!”

Happy Halloween from The Lone Gamer and, of course, the lovely Lili Rochefort from Tekken 6, who looks all dressed up for Halloween. It’s her Goth Makeup customization, something I posted about months and months ago, and recently I was able to buy it for the Monaco-based babe. I guess it’s something cool to have in this time of spooks and spirits. Anyway, I’ll be trying to earn more money so I can play Trick or Treat with all the rest of the Iron Fist crew. Happy Playing, people!


9 Responses to “Trick or Treat!”

  1. wolly gator Says:

    Man some people seem to have had this weird idea that tekken 6 was going to be this completely new game i mean it is but how far did some of these people expect it to go? it cant change to much or else it wouldn’t be tekken

  2. wolly gator Says:

    but other than that I love it Lol

  3. Hey LG, I finished the scenario campaign mode and now I just decided to play with other characters for fun and I thought I’d get some customizations for them too but most of the customs that I collect go to Alisa. Do you know how I can stop it from giving them to Alisa. And do you know if it’s possible to choose your partner besides the online option?

    • I’m not aware if you can change your partner (aside from the plot-specific change). As for the items, you have to make sure your main character is the one who gets the chest or it goes to Alisa.

      • Actually, I do. My main character is the one that gets all of the chests but it still goes mostly to Alisa. lol Anyway, it’s ok if you don’t know. Thanks for the reply.^_^

  4. Yay! I finally got Tekken 6!!! I know it’s still a few days after the fact, but I got it a lot sooner than I thought I would! And it’s awesome so far!

  5. anybody know how to unlock armour kings 2nd ending

  6. azazel is such a fucking prick

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