Gamespot’s Tekken 6 Review

Nina’s latest gripe with her sister? Anna’s LARPing addiction.

Yet another mainstream gaming site posts their review on the console versions of Tekken 6. This time, it’s Gamespot, coming in with a pretty good score and lots of high praise, citing the huge roster, customizations and Scenario Campaign mode. Check out the review here.

Overall one of the best-written reviews I’ve read online, although I think they could have rated it a bit higher. However, what sets this review apart from most and makes me give it a nod is that the reviewer actually LIKED the Scenario Campaign mode, calling it ‘surprisingly addictive’ and a ‘must play if you’re at all interested in the story of Tekken 6’, which is dead-on true and something a lot of reviews miss entirely.

Anyway, my little Tekken 6 vacation’s over for the meantime, although a long weekend’s coming up where I’ll be able to play a LOT more. I’ll be finishing up my thoughts for my dual-review sometime next week. Later then!


6 Responses to “Gamespot’s Tekken 6 Review”

  1. I got my copy!!! ^_^

    Damn this game is so awesome! Perfect arcade port!

  2. That’s very encouraging. I feel much better now. If you go to some of the forum sites, some of the people on there aren’t too happy and feel really disappointed, and for a few people, you get the feeling that it’s not that great of a game. But, as stated before, I feel better. Maybe those people had some sort of bizarre expectations that they thought for whatever reason would be in the game. Oh, and every game has some sort of flaw, no matter how perfect the review says it is. Example-For the game Metroid Prime, it froze on me a few times when going to the Chozo Ruins, but I still played it. I love that game…even though I haven’t played it in a few years. Good times.

    • Everyone has their own opinion, and unfortunately a lot of people out there love to hate on Tekken 6.

      I don’t give a rat’s ass about their opinions anyway.

      Tekken 6 is great. It’s awesome, and it’s the best fighter you can get right now on the current generation of consoles. Far and away.

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