1Up’s Tekken 6 Review

The girls’ disagreements regarding Tekken 6’s ratings got ugly real fast.

1Up has posted their evaluation of the latest King of Iron Fist Tournament. Tekken 6 receives a score of B+, with reviewer Richard Li hitting on the laggy netcode and clunky Scenario Campaign, but otherwise praising the deep gameplay and features.

Check out the review here.

I experienced the laggy play myself, so there’s really room for improvement on this end, along with stuff like the inability to customize characters on the P2 side (only the P1 player profile registers). I wholly disagree on the Scenario Campaign though, but that’s me.


7 Responses to “1Up’s Tekken 6 Review”

  1. i think that they should have some DLC achievements don’t you

  2. they could release some bonus games as DLC good idea innit

  3. Who knows what may be possible? I just wish they fix it so that P2 can use customizations at least. And get rid of the damn text at the bottom of the screen.

    • yea that would be great… but I hope they fix the online component; played today at my friend’s place on a wireless 10mbps connection.. it was laggy as hell
      you should be able to see the other players’ ping more accurately and be able to search for rooms using that

  4. SailorMan Says:

    I totally agree about the “versus mode”, “arcade mode”, “I’m taking up space” mode texts!

    From a fighting gamer’s standpoint, this guy hit everything pretty much on this nose… I wish the developers had worked on making a better package for home console 😦

    • I think the overall Tekken 6 package is sound and robust, it’s just that the online has so far proven wanting that was the main issue. Scenario Campaign may not have been to Mr. Li’s tastes, but I’m sure that others found it as fun as I did, particularly those who are very into the Tekken storylines.

  5. 1up are losers

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