The Lone Gamer Got Game! TEKKEN 6!

Two years of waiting…has ENDED!

EGADS! Yes, Tekken 6 is in the HOUSE! I’ve been waiting for this game ever since I fell in love with it waaay back in late 2007, so forgive my absolute gushing. I actually had to work a bit to be able to get my game already- some slight begging and a bit of legwork got me my relatively early copy. Otherwise, if I just left everything to my then-existing preorder, I’d probably have to wait at least two more days. TWO MORE DAYS? LIKE HELL!

Anyway, funny thing. I popped in the disc and got ready to play… and was met by the System Update screen. Had to update the PS3 firmware. Took a bit. THEN… got ready to play… was met by the Tekken 6 Update screen. I guess this is 1.01 update is for the online coop play, so no biggie. THEN I got ready to play… saw the Intro (still looks slick as butter) and then… a loading screen. Long loading. DAMN I have to Install the Game first. Installing…

Anyway, long story short, I’ve got THE game. I’ve got Tekken 6. It’s been a HELL of a wait, but it’s here. I’ll be playing from now and won’t be stopping (much) for the next couple of days. If anyone wants to ask anything about the console version (PS3), just post in The Comments for this Article. I’ll try my best to answer them later. It’s the least I can do for all of the awesome TLG readers who waited along with me all these long months. If you’re still reading me, then you probably don’t have the game yet, so I’ll do my best to make the wait a little easier. Just take note, I won’t go online playing yet. Anything else, I’ll do my best later.

Anyway, that’s that. Gotta start playing then!


55 Responses to “The Lone Gamer Got Game! TEKKEN 6!”

  1. congrats! guess you’re not alone any more, haha 😀

    anyway, my qn is: I was curious if they included all the “extra” modes from TekkenDR, i.e. Dojo mode? Gold rush? Tekken bowl? Roulette battle?

  2. aww… thats awesome! getting mine on wednesday.. pftts~

  3. i’ve been following your blog for ages, it’s made the wait alot easier so thanks. congrats on finally getting the game. Though i have to wait for nov 5th til i get mine ARGH IT’S LIKE CHRISTMAS!

  4. michael (ultimate fan) Says:

    hey lucky guy, does the br intro follow up after the first intro or you have to unlock it. you know like tekken 5 had two intros.

  5. i was wondering what happens when you turn off motion blur does the ps3 get higher resolution or the 2+msaaliasing. im from europe but gonna manege to get the game on thursday just before closing.they have it in stock but cant sell it yet, damn…

    • Unfortunately, I really can’t tell the difference between all this resolution nonsense. I’m playing the game on a 42″ LCD at 1080p, and it looks amazing. I have the motion blur on, but after eight hours of play I really don’t notice it much. I don’t even notice that the life bars/HUD are supposed to be lower than the arcade version.

      What I do notice is that the game is gorgeous. Without a doubt.

  6. WHEW! I just went through 6 hours straight of Arcade and Ghost Battle. Earned a couple of million in that time, spent it all. Heheh. Cool thing I discovered in the Customizations; the default costume color variant pieces are FREE! You can change them at anytime in the Customize menu. Really convenient. On the other hand… stuff is really expensive. 10 million for Auras!!! My gosh.


    Tenzing: Sorry, but the stuff you mentioned? Not there. Offline Modes include the usual suspects- Arcade mode, Ghost Battle, Time Trial, Practice, Survival, Team Battle. AFAIK no other minigame or special mode other than Scenario Campaign. But didn’t we all know that going into this?

    Michael: So far no BR intro has shown up, but that may change. Haven’t unlocked much stuff yet, still warming up.

    On the general side, the game looks just like the arcade version to my eyes; it’s damn pretty. Can’t say I notice if there’s motion blur or not. I’ll post stuff later in another article when I can.

    So far though… goddamn I am having fun. This game is awesome. ^_^

  7. tekkengriffiths Says:

    Ur lucky lol, waiting til Friday and have also been waiting since 2007!! Feels like a decade!!

    So in terms of playing Scenario Campaign Mode, are all characters available from the start or do they have to be unlocked after beating bosses? And one more thing, isn’t Story Mode actually INSIDE Scenario Campaign?

    Happy playing!

    • You start Scenario Campaign with Lars, and Alisa is your companion. Once you finish the tutorial stage you’ll be given a choice of one character to unlock for use in the game. From there on you can play as this character if you wish, or continue as Lars. As you encounter other characters as bosses in the various stages, they will be unlocked for play in SC, and in Arena.

      Note that even though you can play as another fighter in SC and have their dialogue in text boxes as they move throughout the stages, Lars’ and Alisa’s story still continues in the realtime cutscenes as you play.

      As for Arena Story mode, you have an illustrated prologue, then 4 fights (which may or may not include the bosses Jin and Azazel) before you get your CG ending. No interlude cutscenes, though I see they have scattered these throughout Scenario Campaign.

  8. whats your psn

  9. lucky you lol tomorrow takes forever to come. do the y custom sound track

  10. Is the Scenario Campaign is the “real” or canon story?

  11. YAY!

    My pre-order is now “closed” I should be getting it on time! (for once)

    And lucky you! I feel so lonely now that almost everyone has the game (that want it) except me.

  12. Ahhhh so luckyyyyyy! Congratz!

  13. wolly gator Says:

    One thing that none of these random review sites that have awful reviewers have manged to tell me is Is there a Offline Vs mode i take it there is?

  14. wolly gator Says:

    i ask you lone gamer because well your not an awful reviewer and you have the game

  15. wolly gator Says:

    Thanks ZeroX that’s that cleared up then

  16. wolly gator Says:

    from what i hear it sounds as tho theirs two endings for characters or like a part of the ending in arcade and another in scenario campaigns arena is this true???

  17. 11 more hours to go. i set my clock so as soon as it goes off i get up throw some clothes on and off to get the game i go. then ima rub in my friends face (he isa tekken 5 va state champion) and say “AHHH HAAA i got it u dont” then later he’ll have his ps3 and game and own me 50-2 like usual ;lol

  18. What’s this about X-Play being idiots (as always)?

    • The review, I was in hysteria, that’s how idiotic it is. Plain and utterly stupid. Don’t read it, waste of time. But here’s a quote from the retarded reviewer.

      ‘…Bound? Hey, you can do that in Tekken 3!’

      Yeah, stupid.

  19. Just called my local game store which imports games. They are getting Tekken 6 tomorrow!!!! Time for me to take a trip! Wheeeeeee!

  20. WTF? I just saw Jin’s ending. Did Nina DIE? yun tlg story? pero sa next scene nung natalo nya si heihachi wasn’t it Nina who helped him, ung nasa copter. Asar

    • dont tell us i haven’t got it yet

    • michael (ultimate fan) Says:

      obviously not, she seems to be unconcious and how could she be not alive, she is in her own ending and anna’s. i saw when i got it yesterday, at the midnight release. namco could never absence the rendered beauty from the tekken series. i dont even think Jin’s ending is real because the scenario campaign ending is apart of the storyline what would jin be doing there, he should be at his stage.

      • Again NO SPOILERS here please… some people don’t have the game yet.

      • at that height? she was already unconscious to begin with then”it” happened. Jin didn’t even pick her up when the whole place was falling apart.So yeah she’s dead

        Sorry Lonegamer, di na mauulit.

  21. Howdy thelonegamer! ^_^ Just wanted to ask, which stores do you recommend to get the CD now that its going to be sold locally soon enough? Oh yeah and, how’d you meet Leo in Scenario Campaign? Yeah, I’m spoiling myself… Which characters does he get to have a cutscene with in Story Mode? Sorry if it’s too much! ^^;

    • I assume you’re talking about in Manila? ITech and Datablitz are your best bet, they sell at the best prices compared to just any department store or mall. I don’t recall meeting Leo in Scenario Campaign… I may have skipped her area. I haven’t played as her Story Mode-wise yet.

    • at that height? she was already unconscious to begin with then”it” happened. Jin didn’t even pick her up when the whole place was falling apart.So yeah she’s dead

      Sorry Lonegamer, di na mauulit.

  22. I’m getting my limited version of tekken 6 on thursday or friday 🙂
    I’m reaaaalllyyy happppyyy 🙂

  23. just 2 more hours now. i can feel the sting of bryans mach punch already lol

  24. oh what a suprise im getting it last

  25. Aww…I’m disappointed in X-Play. I use to watch it until they decided to cram all the other videogame shows on G4 onto the show. Don’t quite understand why I would be disappointed, since I haven’t watched the show in a few years. Also, good for you Bob…I’ve got to wait awhile before I get it myself…

    • I liked X-Play for their comedy, but some reviews are really off- I hate the way they are dismissive of Tekken, though they claim VF5 and SFIV are all that. It’s irritating and rubbish, particularly since as fighting game fans we know better. Meh. Screw them.

  26. I still don’t have it =[

  27. You’ll get it before me guaranteed

  28. already got the game and enjoyed it!!!!!!!!

    though ive looking around the nets and seen some complaints about it, well, i don’t see anything wrong with it

  29. xiaoyufan Says:

    I got Tekken 6 too!
    1 question is when in V.S mode you can save the matches you did and can replay them..sooo is there a way you can save that to your psp/camera/ computer and upload it to youtube or somewhere?
    I cant save it to my computer because the game system is not in the room with the computer. =)

    • Unfortunately, no. Replays are just that- replays. You can share them by uploading to PSN, but otherwise, you will need a separate device (capture card, video recorder or other) to capture the footage. It’s not media- apparently the game just collects the input data of the matches and runs it in the game engine when you replay.

  30. In terms of endings, keep in mind that probably a lot of them are not canon; some may be if they are personal or only involve that particular fighter. One can assume that perhaps the real story that occurs is the Scenario Campaign story, at least in terms of what happens in the main plotline. In any case, we can only find out who really won in the Next Tekken. Let’s hope it doesn’t take this long a wait again. ^_^

    • michael (ultimate fan) Says:

      hey lonegamer, some people are wondering what happen to nina in jins ending, because its vice versa in the scenario campaign, jin takes azazel to the hole while nina heads to the helicopter, please answer

      • The ending is most probably non-canon… meaning it didn’t really come true- we can only assume the real thing that will be followed is the Scenario Campaign ending; but we will only know for sure in the next game.

  31. xiaoyufan Says:

    Oh ok…
    Umm 1 more question( Sorry!)
    Me and my brother were playing on VS mode and my brother customizations showed on his outfits while when i pressed mine they were default the regular costumes i didnt customize? Im wondering is there any way my customize outfit can show up?

    • Yeah, so far only the P1 side (which has your PS3 profile) can load customizations, which has got a lot of players irritated (me included). It’s one of those little nitpicks that we hope will get patched or fixed up eventually.

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