The 12th Hour

Okay people. It’s about half a day, 12 hours to go till the end of the wait. Once Oct. 27 hits, all bets are off. It’s incredible, but somehow, our years-long vigil for Tekken 6, for some lasting up to four years (since the game first was announced for PS3), has now been shorn down to mere hours. I’m aware though that not everyone is getting their copy on the 27- Japan gets release on Oct. 30, while Australia gets it next week.

Hopefully I’ll get my copy soon- maybe sooner than I think, but by hook or by crook, I will be having my Tekken 6 Play-a-thon starting tomorrow till Wednesday. Yep, two full days of nothing but Tekken 6. I’ve been waiting for this game for the past two years; I’m gonna freakin’ make an EVENT out of my first play of the console versions.

I even got my itinerary set up. Gonna play arcade with my Mains, Asuka and Lili, first and foremost, just to orient. Then play some Ghost Battle. Then I’ll get into Scenario Campaign for the duration. Hopefully once I finish I’ll have lots of Fight Money for decent customizations. Then, I’ll go for the Arena Story Mode to unlock all the Endings. All this of course should go into my eventual review, which I should post sometime next week or so.

Crossing fingers! The Wait is almost over, gents and ladies. It’s been a great couple of years waiting for this game with all of you.

Of course, life goes on after this, with more games and more blogging… but I think we’ve achieved something together. Later then!


4 Responses to “The 12th Hour”

  1. i envy you cause while you have T minus 12 hours,, i have about 31 hours til i get mines and all i have to do is walk down the street to get it.


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