Beware of Spoilers!

Don’t worry- there are no spoilers in this post per se. However, you all have to know by now that there are people who already have copies of Tekken 6, and I don’t mean just pirated copies of the Xbox360 version. Some areas like Hong Kong have shops that have broken street date and are selling the legit, retail versions at this very moment (and apparently a few players here in Manila already have their copies).

The result? Youtube right now is proliferating with Tekken 6 console videos. Gameplay is fine, or even the Intros. There’s one guy posting TONS of footage of the Scenario Campaign, while another is actually posting the Character Prologues and Endings now.

The same thing as I said waaay back when MGS4 was about to be released should apply here. If you’ve been waiting for this game for a while (like, two years at least, a while), you owe yourself the pleasure of discovering the coolness (or silliness) of this game Yourself. Me? I’m not even going to Youtube for the duration of the weekend. I get my copy perhaps Tuesday, and I want to see the Endings and goodies on my 42″ HDTV by my own hand… certainly not on some stranger’s Youtube account.

That said, it’s really Your Prerogative if you can’t resist, or if you still have a long time to go till you get your game. My opinion though? Wait and enjoy this game’s rewards on your own terms. Later then!


14 Responses to “Beware of Spoilers!”

  1. I’ve resisted so far….November 5th seems so far!!

  2. Same here, I only watched a small cutscene after the Scenario Campaign Tutorial.

  3. I’ve seen far more Scenario Campaign than I really should. Still, there’s a TON of it, and really… trying to see it all on Youtube isn’t really practical. The mode is meant to be played through, and story cutscenes are among the things that will keep you playing (aside from Fight Money and Items), so why take that away by just seeing it in bad quality online?

    The endings as well- you want to play through the fights. Better if you finish Scenario Campaign first to find out the overall story before you actually go into Arena to do the Endings- this may prove a more complete experience in the long run.

    That said, I don’t envy ZeroX, since admittedly… Nov. 5 is still a bits away. I can’t really wait any more than I have to for this game.

    Ultimately though, the endings and CG are just trappings- what will be the lasting enjoyment of this game is the actual fighting and customizing.

  4. 2 more long days to go.. 😦

  5. im happy to say that ive resited so fare and it makes me sick that people have got it early and are spoiling it for the rest of us

  6. you’re so right i mean we’ve been waiting for this for 3 years i’m not going to have it spoiled by some cheat, i watched youtube when SCIV was leaked and i’m not making the same mistake even though the story mode turned out to be rubbish

  7. cloudchild Says:

    I cracked around 2 this morning

  8. Alexander**** Says:

    The one who had the Scenario Campaign playthrough vids up there got them deleted. Pity. I’m so curious and stuff that I could watch them over and over even if I had the game (Europe… And I think my country won’t have it)

    • Why won’t your country have it? In any case, if you have a PS3 the game is region-free so just import if you can.

      • Alexander**** Says:

        Well, Finland is such a hellhole. I haven’t spotted a single Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection games here. I hope that my big sister who lives in the nearest big city (Vaasa) could spot Bloodline Rebellion and get it for me and my fiancée.

  9. Alexander**** Says:

    Now we just need the PS3. Gotta hit the Uncle Scrooge mode to get enough money to get it. Even if we pay half and half each.

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